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Changing the design of the horns

Posted by goregt On June - 24 - 2007

Changing the design of the horns

sculpting horns in polymer clayThe original horns on this sculpture have been bugging me for some reason.  Although I was not finished with sculpting them, I just didn’t love the way I had designed them.  I have been wanting to change the horns around a bit but was not exactly sure what I wanted to do.

So after setting aside the original design for a few weeks I decided to tackle the horns one more time.  I like to make things up on the spot when I sculpt so the first step for me was to smooth out the original design and just start adding clay to the piece.

* This sculpture is created with Super Sculpey.

sculpting horns in polymer clay Okay, the first step is to build out the foundation (starting to see a pattern here from the previous lessons).I build out the rough shape that I want to use on my horns.  For me it is best to sculpt both horns at the same time.  In the past I have sculpted things like this separately and ended up having issues trying to make them look symmetrical.
adding details to clay horns I draw some line into the clay to start the design that I will use for my horns.
Detailing polymer clay horns Continuing the pattern to the entire horn.
Detailing polymer clay horns The basic detail has now been added to both horns.
Detailing polymer clay horns Running with my imagination a bit I start to add little bumps and warts to my horns.  A lot of times changes like these just come to me while I am sculpting.  I usually will experiment a little and if I like the changes I will keep them and if I don’t, I can quickly undo them.
Detailing polymer clay horns And a look at both of the horns with the bumps applied to them.
Detailing polymer clay horns A black and white picture of the horns so that we can better see the details.  The horns still are not complete since I need to add details to the ends of the horns. I’m closer to completion now on the horns and I am a lot happier now with the look that the new horns create for this piece.

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