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Sculpting Tribal Arm

Posted by goregt On July - 13 - 2007

I think the pictures in this tutorial explain everything pretty well so just follow the images from left to right. Since my arms will be dangling at the side this method works pretty well.

If you plan to pose the arm or add additional weight to it by placing something in the hand then you would want to build an armature that supports the arm better then what I have shown below.

* This sculpture is created with Super Sculpey.

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Tribal Face Details

Posted by goregt On June - 9 - 2007

Sculpting faces is very time consuming and something that I work on throughout the entire sculpting process.  However, before I begin another area of the sculpture I like to get a good foundation for the face.  I use to save the face for last only to discover that I ended throwing the entire sculpture off when the face was completed.  The problem is that the face would end up too big or two small for my piece.  I just recently started sculpting the face first and I think it has made a huge improvement in my overall work.

My goal is to knock out at least 80% of the face before I begin another area of the sculpture.  I will continue to bounce back to the face during the sculpting process.  Even though the majority of the work is done up front, I still end up finishing up the face around the end of the piece.  However the foundation was already built so the only thing left at the end is perfecting (to the best of my ability) the little details.

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Sculpting Tribal Face

Posted by goregt On June - 6 - 2007

I’m going to put the tutorial for this series together a little differently than the other tutorials.  Since I am doing a series I want to show the entire sculpting process.  I’m aware that some of the tutorials will be a little redundant but I think it takes away from the series if I do not show the entire sculpting process from beginning to end.

So to give you an example of what I am talking about I went into detail on how to sculpt a face in the Fiddler sculpting series.  Instead of reinventing the wheel for this series, I will just show a series of pictures that give step-by-step visual instructions of the sculpting process.  Just read the photos like you would a book from left to right.  I will switch to my regular format if there is anything that I feel needs additional instructions. Read the rest of this entry »


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