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Sculpting Tribal Torso

Posted by goregt On July - 13 - 2007

I’ve made enough progress on the face at this stage where I can move on to the torso.  Initially when I started this sculpture I only had plans to build a bust (sculpture from the waist up).  However, after working on it for some time I decided to do a full figure instead.  The reason why I am pointing this out is because I did not build an armature for this sculpture that would support an entire figure.  So for the next couple of lessons I will be sculpting this piece as if it were going to end up as a bust and then will switch to doing a full figure sculpture.

Ideally you will want to build out the armature for the full figure from the beginning since it will produce a better and more stable armature.  However, if you feel you need to take the design in a new direction there is no reason why you can’t.  The armature that I will use in the future post is not ideal for a full figure but it will work for this piece and will allow me to make the changes in the direction of my vision.

* This sculpture is created with Super Sculpey.

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Clay Torso

Posted by goregt On April - 5 - 2007

Filling out the torso

The goal in this lesson is to continue from the previous lesson by building out all the individual shapes that makeup the Fiddlers torso. In this lesson I plan to block out the chest and abdomen areas of the sculpture. The sculpture is still going to be pretty smooth at this stage of the game but this stage is very important for getting the shape of the individual muscles down correctly. All right, now onto the torso.

Again, the polymer clay I am using for this particular piece is Super Sculpey.

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Sculpting Torso

Posted by goregt On April - 2 - 2007

Blocking out the body

If you have been following this series from the beginning then I think it is pretty obvious that I like to jump around a lot when sculpting. The last lesson was on starting the fiddle and this one is jumping into blocking out the body. The reason why I jump around during the sculpting process is because it keeps everything fresh. I like to go with the flow and I really enjoy the process when I work this way. In the past I have experimented with my sculpting processes and have focused on completing one area before moving onto another but found that the final art really doesn’t work out they way I envisioned it.

All right, now onto the torso. Again, the polymer clay I am using for this particular piece is Super Sculpey.

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