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Posted by goregt On October - 3 - 2009

We know how difficult it is to come up with new and yet inexpensive ideas for classroom art projects. Our staff is always on the alert for great new ideas (if you have any, let us know! We are always adding to our library of free downloadable lesson plans). Our art lesson plans are either in PDF format or PowerPoint presentations, and they can be downloaded absolutely free. For elementary school students there are easy-to-follow explanations of lithography; portrait sculpture in clay; dinosaur bone clay relief sculpture; polymer clay bead making; prehistoric cave art; and even making clay skulls to celebrate Mexico’s Day of the Dead. For high school students there are more advanced art projects such as multi-color printing; sculpting insects with polymer clay; relief sculpture; making reproductions of Chinese vessels in bronze; sculpting life sized heads and ceramic self-portraits. There is also an Introduction to Glass in the Classroom; making fused and slumped warm glass objects d’art; glass casting; and glass jewelry making.

General programs for all students include: wall mural project using ceramic tiles; historical and practical how-to discussion of bisque tile murals; glaze decorating flower pots; papermaking and sculpture; and easy-to-make dinnerware. As an example, the dinnerware lesson is a PDF file with step-by-step photographs and explanations of using textured slab and drape clay molds to make dishes out of a flat clay slab. Textured slab molds are flat molds with relief designs which create impressions in the clay slab. The slab is laid upon the textured slab mold and the slab is pressed into the mold with a roller to impress the relief design into the slab. Then drape molds are used to form the flat textured slab of clay into curves such as bowls, dishes, and cups.

As the name implies, the clay slab is draped over the mold and gently pressed down until it assumes the desired shape. A base can be added to the dinnerware with a coil. Coils of clay of various shapes and cross sections are simple to make with a clay extruder or gun, which comes with interchangeable die plates. Hollow shapes are easy enough to make with a manual clay extruder. More sophisticated electric clay extruders mix, blend, cut, and wedge clay thoroughly and quickly with two auger blades. When the finished item is removed from the drape mold it is dried and then fired; then glazed and fired again.

When you are looking for new ideas for your art classes, you can download great [art lesson plans] for free from Amaco. We also carry the largest selection of polymer clays and accessories, as well as glass and ceramic kilns and wheels. Additionally, we have a full line of tools such as clay extruder guns and clay molds. Let us show you our unique QuickCenter easy-to-use and failure-proof pottery wheel throwing device!

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