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Minotaur Base

Posted by goregt On August - 24 - 2011

I still have some work to do on my Minotaur’s head, body, etc but I wanted to go ahead an attach him to a base to get an overall idea on how the sculpture is going to look.  Adding the base is a pretty easy task with wax since there really is no need for a support system (armature) for it to be able to hold up the sculpture.  Also, another huge advantage for using wax is that I was able to create wax cast from some of my other skull sculptures.  This allowed me to add a few of my already previously sculpted skulls to the base verse having to spend a lot of time sculpting each individual piece.  I have so many projects going on right now shortcuts like the wax cast really help me move the piece along.  I’m also able to sculpt the pieces together in a way in which they look unique, so the sculpture is not “cheapened” by this process.

The steps for creating my base are below.

  1. Mold a cylinder out of wax, attach it to the base of the Minotaur’s belly and let it dry to harden (couple of minutes)
  2. Attach the wax base to a wooden block
  3. Cover the wooden block with wax and weld the base to it
  4. Make wax cast of skulls from some of my other sculptures
  5. Attach the skulls to various parts of the base.
  6. Sculpt a design in and around the skulls to tie them all together
  7. Use orderless Mineral Spirits to smooth out the rough forms.

Picture gallery is below.

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