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Posted by goregt On August - 5 - 2009

Polymer clay is a very versatile and wonderful medium to work with. Whether your polymer clay art interest is jewelry, wildlife art, dolls, figurines or other polymer clay projects, there are no limitations to the quality of work that you can do. Listed below are examples of a few sculptures created in Polymer Clay.

Polymer clay art of a warrior angel

Polymer clay angel

Polymerclay Indian sculpture

Polymer clay wildlife sculpture

Wild horse running

Polymer clay horse sculpture

Polymer clay dog portrait

Polymer clay dog sculpture

Keep in mind that sculpting is a process that takes time to master. If you are just starting out I recommend that you try a few basic polymer clay projects to get you going and build your skill set from there. You can view additional examples and larger images of my artwork by visiting www.polymerclayfan.com/gallery


Polymer Clay Art on eBay

Don’t forget about eBay if you are interested in buying or even selling your polymer clay art. Selling original art on eBay is a great way for polymer clay artist to get their name out while earning additional income. EBay also provides an opportunity to purchase original artwork that would be hard to find in traditional markets. You can see what is available on eBay now by clicking on the link below.

2 Responses to “Polymer Clay Art”

  1. kileigh says:

    I was wondering how big these are like the horse one. I was wanting to sculpt a horse in polymer clay but I was wondering the cost must be alot because polymer clay is so expensive or do you just build the base and use thin sheets on top

  2. goregt says:

    The horse sculpture was around 10-12 inches high. The clay is applied over a wire armature which is bulked out with aluminum foil (which helps reduce the amount of clay needed).

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