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Posted by goregt On April - 5 - 2007

Filling out the torso

The goal in this lesson is to continue from the previous lesson by building out all the individual shapes that makeup the Fiddlers torso. In this lesson I plan to block out the chest and abdomen areas of the sculpture. The sculpture is still going to be pretty smooth at this stage of the game but this stage is very important for getting the shape of the individual muscles down correctly. All right, now onto the torso.

Again, the polymer clay I am using for this particular piece is Super Sculpey.

Sculpting a torso in polymer clay I have started to add a lot of roundness to the chest (the shoulders are a little underdeveloped but I will focus on those later)
Sculpting a torso in polymer clay Working on bulking out the lower abdomen.
Sculpting a torso in polymer clay Now I am starting to define the individual abdominal muscles.
Sculpting a torso in polymer clay Side view of the sculpture.

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