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Posted by goregt On August - 7 - 2009
Polymer clay example

Polymer clay example

Polymer clay is a unique sculpting medium that offers a versatility unmatched by any other product in its class. Although other sculpting mediums, such as waxes, may allow more ease for sharper details no other medium can duplicate polymer clays ability to easily create a completed work of art. Details are not foreign with polymer clay either, with enough time and practice anyone can create highly detailed artwork using nothing but polymer clay.This site is a collection of information, tips and sculpting tutorials for my favorite sculpting mediums…Polymer Clay.

My name is Gerald Gore and I am a self taught sculptor. The tutorials on this site are a step-by-step pictures of some of the sculptures I have created. You can read more about me and how I got started sculpting on the About page.

What you will find on this site:

  1. Sculpting tutorials – Complete step-by-step picture tutorials on how a block of clay turns into a work of art. Learn how to sculpt faces, hands, animals and
  2. Polymer Clay Tools – list of sculpting tools that I personally use and recommend.
  3. Polymer Clay Art – a few examples and explanations of artwork created with polymer clay
  4. Gallery of Work – Additional examples of artwork created by artist Gerald Gore.

I wish you lots of luck with your own sculpting adventures.

Gerald Gore

3 Responses to “Welcome – Polymer Clay Fan”

  1. Patt says:

    Hi Gerald -I just joined !! Yeah ! I have a Lab I would like to sculpt. I am a newbie ( I do work with polyclay though). What is armature wire ? What weight or gauge do I use ?

    Thanks for such a great site….


  2. goregt says:

    Hi Patt,

    Armature wire is a bendable aluminum wire that acts like the skeleton of the sculpture. Depending on the size of the sculpture I try to go for the thicker wire if possible (around 9 gauge or less). You don’t have to exclusively use armature wire but it is designed for sculpting. I’ve used coat hangers and things like that in the past which are a little difficult to bend into different shapes. Most craft stores like Hobby Lobby have armature wire in the sculpting tools section.

    Good luck and welcome aboard.

  3. XAVERIVS says:

    Hey, guys! I’m kinda frustrated because, though I love polymer clay, I just can’t keep my sculptures clean. I wash my hands often, I brush my sculptures with isopropil alcohol and just cannot keep these little dust particles out of them. Anyboy there can give me a little hint?


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