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9 the Movie

Posted by goregt On September - 28 - 2009

This past weekend I took my kids to see the movie 9.  For those that are not familiar with the movie it is a post apocalyptic story where the human race has been annihilated by machines.   The basis for the plot has been used over and over again for decades now but the story of 9 separates itself from the predecessors in that in a last effort to save humanity a brilliant scientist has given his own life to bring life to nine different rag dolls.

I personally would rate 9 as one of the best animated movies that I have ever seen.  I loved the way the story unfolded before my eyes and the quality of the animation was nothing less than superb.  The characters and the creatures in the movie were brilliantly designed.  It was no surprise finding out that Tim Burton was one of the producers of this movie and you could feel his presence in both the landscape and character designs.

For those of you that have little ones and are wondering if this movie is appropriate keep in mind that 9 is rated PG-13.  There is a reason for the PG-13 rating and the movie is very intense with some scary action sequences.   This movie was a little more intense than I expected and some of the scenes were pretty scary for my six-year-old (I guess I won’t be winning the “Dad of the Year” award this year).  Don’t get me wrong my son did enjoy the movie but if you also have little ones you may want to screen the movie first a then decide if your own kids are up to it.Now my intentions for this post were to never write a review for the movie, there are far more people that are more qualified than me for that.  However as an artist, and this being an art related website, I do believe that the movie is related to what this site is about.  What I love about these types of movies is that they get my creative juices flowing.  Not in the sense that they make me want to sculpt any of the characters from the movie, instead they get me to look at the world differently and give me a desire come up with my own unique designs.   9 is a work of art, the story and the character designs are masterfully created by obviously very talented people.  Their talent has inspired me and makes me want to push the envelope on my own style and designs.  Leaving the theater I look at objects like trees, buildings and cars differently now.  I think about the different ways to change their original design and how I can manipulate them into my own style of art.  I’ve been inspired and I’m ready to let my hands and imagination loose on some clay to see what I may come up with.

As artist we all have our own unique taste, styles and interest in this world.  It’s no secret that I predominantly consider myself a fantasy artist but I do enjoy other styles as well (nature for example).  No matter what your style is it is important that from time to time you submerse yourself in artwork from other artist.  I believe in taking the beauty that they have given to the world and letting it inspire us so that we push ourselves to become better at our own craft.  Whatever it is that gets your creative juices flowing go out and inspire yourself and your art.  For me, this past weekend, 9 was just what I needed.  I can hear the wheels in my head turning and my clay calling out to me once again.   I’ve been inspired and look forward to sharing with you some of my fantasy creations in the near future.

I’ve included an embedded clip of the trailer below.  Watch and and see if it also sparks your own imagination.

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