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Posted by goregt On September - 10 - 2009

Mark Alfrey

One of my favorite sculpting videos of all time is Mark Alfrey’s Sculpting the Human Head. For those of you who are unfamiliar with Mark Alfrey, he is both a sculptor and special makeup effects artist for the television and movie industries. Mark’s resume includes popular movies and TV shows like Men in Black I and II, 300, X Files, Ghostbusters II and much more.

Mark is not only an extremely talented sculptor but is also a great teacher as well. I have two of Mark’s videos and both videos are consistent in their teaching methods. Mark uses time-lapsed photography in his tutorials and narrates as you watch a lump of clay transform into a sculpture before your eyes.

In the Sculpting the Human Head video you learn how to create the different shapes in the face, how to create wrinkles, skin textures and much more. He really covers in detail on how you approach the different features in the face such as the shape of the eyes, the skin folds around the nose and the placement of the ears.

Keep in mind that Mark’s videos are sculpting videos and are not specific to polymer clay. In one of the videos that I own I believe he uses WED clay while in the other video he uses something like a Chavant or wax. I only point this out because the material that you decide to work with is really irrelevant. I’ve sculpted in water based clays, polymer clays and waxes (and even pumpkins) and although the process may change slightly between the different materials the underlying basic techniques used for sculpting are still the same. Once you understand the basics, you can pretty much learn to sculpt with any material.

If you do not own or have never seen one of Mark’s videos then I recommend starting with his Sculpting the Human Head DVD. Mark has a wide range of other videos that are also available but the Human Head DVD so far is my favorite and the one that I have learned the most from. You can click on the link below to see Amazon.com’s latest deals for this video.

Mark Alfrey’s Sculpting the Human Head

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