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Sculpting Tribal Face

Posted by goregt On June - 6 - 2007

I’m going to put the tutorial for this series together a little differently than the other tutorials.  Since I am doing a series I want to show the entire sculpting process.  I’m aware that some of the tutorials will be a little redundant but I think it takes away from the series if I do not show the entire sculpting process from beginning to end.

So to give you an example of what I am talking about I went into detail on how to sculpt a face in the Fiddler sculpting series.  Instead of reinventing the wheel for this series, I will just show a series of pictures that give step-by-step visual instructions of the sculpting process.  Just read the photos like you would a book from left to right.  I will switch to my regular format if there is anything that I feel needs additional instructions.

*Tip: Hovering over the picture should give you a brief description of what I am doing at that stage. ** This sculpture is created with Super Sculpey

Wire frame for polymer clay face Wrap the armature wire with aluminum foil Regular  Sculpey used to block the face
Super Scupey over regular Sculpey Blocking out the face Blocking the cheek bones and lips
Bulking the forhead and cheekbones Building out the top of the head Defining the lips and face
Defining the cheeks Polymer clay face - tribal art

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2 Responses to “Sculpting Tribal Face”

  1. I like how you did this tutorial without any words at all!

  2. michael febbie says:

    This will be an interesting project to me. You talked about adding to or taking away from the clay. I wood carving we mostly take away so this will be quite and experiment for me when I get started. Mike

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