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Shoulder Bumps

Posted by goregt On August - 17 - 2009

Adding Bumps To The Shoulders

OK, I know we have been through this song and dance before but since it is such a catchy tune we are going to sing it just one more time. I liked the way the bumps turned out on the traps and the chest and wanted to blend the same design into the shoulders. The key was to try and create a pattern with my design that didn’t look like I just threw a bunch of balls of clay onto my sculpture. Basically what I did was follow the individual shoulder muscles and placed my pattern in them. I’m pretty happy with the way it turned out and have documented the process below.

  1. Apply a thin layer of Vaseline to the baked clay (shoulders)
  2. Role small balls of clay and squish them into the base of the sculpture
  3. Create the pattern you want to use before permanently blending the balls of clay into the shoulders.
  4. Using a sculpting tool, dental tool in my example, blend or pull the edges of the clay into the base of the sculpture.
  5. Using a stiff brush and rubbing alcohol blend the edges of the bumps into the base of the sculpture.
Shoulder bumps - 1 Shoulder bumps - 2

Shoulder bumps - 3

Shoulder bumps - 4

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