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Torso Skin Details

Posted by goregt On April - 14 - 2007

Adding a skin texture chest and abdominal muscles

The final step in the torso detail stage is to add a skin texture to the sculpture. I love textures and I think the skin effect really does enhance the sculpture. I’ve already covered a tutorial on one way that you you can sculpt skin details in polymer clay but this lesson is going to use a different approach. Keep in mind that this type of detailing will probably not look good with all sculptures but should create a nice look for this particular piece. If I decide to paint this piece, I will probably create a bronze finish and the skin details should look good with the paint.

Time to finish up the front portion of the torso. Again, the polymer clay I am using for this particular piece is Super Sculpey.

Torso details in polymer clay The sculpting tool I’m using here is a simple metal tool with a bunch of thin wires coming out of the end of it. I bought the tool at my local Hobby Lobby (tool was included with a doll sculpting kit). I think I spent around $15 to $25 for the sculpting kit which included around 5 tools. It is not my favorite tool but it quickly gets the results that I am looking for. You should try to create a pattern in the way that you scrape the lines. The lines should flow from one muscle to another and create interesting shapes.
Torso details in polymer clay Ok, the torso is all scraped up now (at least the front part of it).
Torso details in polymer clay Using a stiff brush and 91% Alcohol I lightly tap the brush into the clay. The goal here is to blend the individual lines, created by the scraping technique from above, into one another.
Torso details in polymer clay A final shot of the sculpture in black and white (hopefully should be easier to view this way)

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