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Sculpting Tentacles – Lesson Two

Posted by goregt On August - 26 - 2009

If you are using a polymer clay and are happy with the results from the previous lesson then I would recommend that you go ahead and bake your sculpture. It’s not a requirement but you will mess up the details if you like to hold your sculpture in you hand while you sculpt. If you choose to bake your polymer clay sculpture make sure that you apply Vaseline to the baked piece before proceeding with this tutorial.

There is no need to do anything extra if you are using wax, just proceed through the steps below.

  1. Start at the base of the sculpture and create a ball of wax/clay (note: I make the suckers smaller as I proceed to the top of the tentacle so make the base a decent size)
  2. Place the small ball of clay onto the sculpture and using a dental tool pull in the edges
  3. Using a loop too twist back and forth from the right to the left to create a clean hole.
  4. Repeat the steps all the way up to the top of the tentacle.

If you are using wax I recommend that you build the tentacles one by one before moving onto the next. Otherwise the wax will cool too quickly and make the part where you carve out the center much harder than it needs to be.

Next lesson – Coming Soon.

Previous lesson – Lesson One

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