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Posted by goregt On October - 8 - 2009

Hey Gang, with Halloween fast approaching did you know that there is a really cool and great way to really impress your friends and family with your talent?. Although this website centers more around sculpting with polymer clay and wax, there are a lot of other types of materials that you can easily sculpt. Metal and wood seem obvious answers here but how about pumpkins. Can you think of any better way to spice up your Halloween this year than sculpting a really cool looking pumpkin?

Now I don’t want to be misleading here, sculpting pumpkins in very different than sculpting in wax or polymer clay. It’s kind of like sculpting with wood, the process is 100 percent a subtractive. You have to carve away the flesh of the pumpkin and any mistakes made could force you to reshape or even change your design. I know it sounds challenging but with a little practice it really is not that bad and most important of all it is a ton of fun!

Over the next few weeks I’ll probably add a post here and there with some new pumpkins that I plan to sculpt this year. Now sculpting pumpkins is something that anyone can do and I have a website to prove it. Checkout my pumpkin carving website to see how you too can impress your neighbors with your awesome pumpkins. It is loaded with a ton of great pumpkin sculpting and carving tips….and best of all it is FREE.

Below is a picture of a couple of my pumpkins from a few years back.

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  1. sudeer says:

    h im sudheer i finished my bfa recently….im big fan of this site, it is really wonderful site to know sculpting ..
    i would like to make one crocodile skeleton. can i use this polymer clay plz suggest me. how much is this cost, where can i get in india.which is the best materiel for this purpose…

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