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Dog Portrait Base

Posted by goregt On May - 14 - 2007

Sculpting a unique base for the dog portrait.

I’m only sculpting the dog’s head for this particular piece so I want to do something that gives the sculpture a little more pizzazz. Usually when I do pet portraits I like to add a unique rock formation base to the sculpture. The rocky base basically helps create a uniqueness with the piece and also gives a little more height to the sculpture.

Tools Needed

  1. Polymer Clay (Super Sculpey in this example)
  2. Sculpting tools
  3. Reference material (pictures of your subject matter or the subject matter itself)
  4. Lots of patience 😉

* This sculpture is created with Super Sculpey.

dog portrait base in polymer clay The first step to sculpting the base is to cover the wire with aluminum foil. This not only helps to bulk out the wire, which save clay, but also helps the clay to stick better to the wire.
dog portrait base in polymer clay Front view of the sculpture….
dog portrait base in polymer clay Next I cover the aluminum foil with a layer of clay.
dog portrait base in polymer clay I think adding little ledges here and there really make the a rocky base more interesting. All I’m really doing at this stage is adding clumps of clay in various parts of the base. Nothing really too strategic here, I just add a clump of clay where I think it will look good.
dog portrait base in polymer clay I use the same texturing technique I used for my rocky seascape base on my water dragon sculpture. A ball of aluminum foil is an quick and easy way to texture the base.
dog portrait base in polymer clay And here is a shot of what the sculpture looks like before we slap a little paint onto it.

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One Response to “Dog Portrait Base”

  1. Aren’t you going to add some color to it? Some color to its eyes, nose and head might make it less scary. It reminds me of Scooby Doo. Great work pal!!!

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