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Clayburn Moore

Posted by goregt On September - 25 - 2009

Clayburn Moore has to be one of the most talented artist for sculpting the human form that I have ever seen. The level of detail, the shape and the accuracy of the individual muscles are truly amazing. As impressive as Clay’s sculptures are of the male form, it is probably his sculptures of the female physique that really grabs my attention. I personally find that sculpting females is a lot harder than sculpting males. It may be that I’m just more familiar with the male physique or that I have a lot more experience sculpting the male form. It’s a common issue with a lot of sculptors and one that I just have to continue working at to improve.

However Clayburn Moore is unique in that he is capable of masterfully sculpting both the male and female forms. I do not know if he finds one form more difficult to sculpt than the other but his end results are truly amazing. Oh, and before I forget to mention it a lot of Clay’s detailed and impressive sculptures are created in polymer clay. Living proof that it is possible to sculpt highly detailed and complex sculptures in polymer clay.For those of you that are not familiar with Clay Moore, you can see some of his work on his website http://www.csmoorestudio.com.

I also have embedded a YouTube video below of CS Moore’s Sinful Suzie statue.

2 Responses to “Clayburn Moore”

  1. kathryn says:

    Hi – I know this is “beyond its expiration date” but just had to say, I am not impressed with “Sinful Suzi” by Clay Moore. It’s a good rendering of the female figure if you’re into animation/comics/porn. As for reality, forget it! Probably less than 1% of the world’s women actually have that kind of figure. I don’t think it’s that hard to sculpt an idealized form, whether male or female, but if you want them to look real, they won’t look like Suzi. In fact, I think you yourself are doing just fine in the sculpting department so save the awe for someone else.

  2. Marisa says:

    I agree with Kathryn 100%

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