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Changing the design of the breast – 1

Posted by goregt On September - 15 - 2009

The main issue that I had with my original design was that the breast did not seem to have any weight to them. They seemed abstract to me and very unrealistic in their shape. I never really was happy with the original design, even a couple of years ago, and I always knew that I would eventually spend some time fixing the issues with them.

This tutorial is a little tricky because I’m going to demonstrate sculpting something that in all reality I’m not that good at sculpting. My first plan of action was to spend as much time as necessary to learn how to sculpt just one of the breast. Once I got the process down I would then put together a tutorial for sculpting the other breast.

I spent a couple of days sculpting and resculpting the right breast trying to get it as realistic as possible. I invested a lot of hours into this project and ended up learning a lot in the process. Also keep in mind that whenever you sculpt something that you are not that familiar with that your resource material is key. Your resource material will help eliminate any guesswork for whatever your subject matter is.

My resource material for the most part came from images off of the internet. There are also a number of talented sculptors out there that are masters at sculpting the female form (Clayburn Moore comes to mind). I made sure that I studied their works in addition to other images that I found online. Also, it is important that when you sculpt an object that you get views of that object from as many different angles as possible. The design changes shape when you look at it from one angle to another. If your research only focuses on one view then there is a good chance the the end results will look flat and unnatural from different angles.

Theres not much to this lesson other than me showing the differences between the right and the left breast. I’ve included three different angles so that you can see how the design flows together (and also see how the new design has weight to it). I still have some tweaking to do to the design but overall I’m pretty happy with my progress. The next tutorial will go into detail on how I sculpted the left breast (using the one on the right as my new reference source).

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One Response to “Changing the design of the breast – 1”

  1. joe blow says:

    Are you serious! Did you really black out the nipple? Come on, this is an art page, not a church gathering.

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